Best Keywords for Beauty Products (2022)


You have spent days coming up with a great article, a product page, or a Google Ads Campaign for your beauty products. It has been more than a week and you are still not getting any clicks to your Ads or any Organic Traffic.

What is the problem? You are probably not using the right keywords to target which could not have any volume.

In this post, we are going to go over some for the best keywords you can use for your beauty products. This will apply for both organic traffic and paid media.

Breaking up your keywords

The first step to finding the right keywords for your beauty product is to divide your audience into two segments. The researcher and the buyer.

The reason we do this is to better understand the individual and not just make sure we have the keywords to match their search but that the content is also relevant.

Normally a buyers persona will search for keywords with the below terms in mind:

  • best
  • top
  • reviews
  • price
  • discount
  • promo
  • buy

Then there is a researcher who isn’t ready to make a purchase. These are still great individuals to target as it helps grow your brand. Normally their terms are questions as they are still deciding on what it is they need. Their keywords will normally include the below terms:

  • how
  • what is
  • can

Choosing the best beauty product keyword

Choosing the best keywords to target will vary on multiple factors.

For example, if you are deciding on keywords that you will use in a Google Ads campaign, you want to make sure that there is plenty of volume and people are searching for your terms. Once you have determined volume, you then want to see the competition and the estimated spend on each keyword. Depending on your budget you might be limited to certain keywords that will not deplete your account quickly but can still lead to sales.

With organic traffic, especially in a competitive industry such as beauty products, we normally look for long-tail keywords. The volume you receive from long-tail can be less, but it can also be easier to rank for. And the more you can rank for the more traffic you will receive.

best keywords for beauty products

Since we have been talking about organic traffic and paid ads, we are going to break up our keywords by those categories. These will not be all the keywords that are available out there, but it will give you a great starting point.

Paid Advertising Keywords

KeywordMonthly Search VolumeCost Per Click
best moisturizer for dry skin10K – 100K$2.00 – $5.00
best perfume for women10K – 100K$0.58 – $3.23
perfume gift sets sale100 – 1K$0.54 – $2.48
womens perfume sale1K – 10K$0.55 – $2.53
best body lotion10K – 100K$1.51 – $4.09

Organic Keywords

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
how long do perfumes last700
how to prevent cakey makeup150
how to clean makeup sponges5,100
what lotion is good for tattoos1,200
how to keep makeup from rubbing off600

We hope we have provided some keywords you weren’t targeting. If not, stick to our plan above and you should be able to come up with a list of keywords. You can also always contact us and we can help with your SEO or PPC to drive more traffic to your beauty product.